About the Artist

Born in Vermont, Emily Elizabeth followed her heart to California to become an artist. Little did she know she would become much more than that. Today, she is a Creatrix. A Witch. A dreamer. A Designer. A Photographer. A truth seeker. A vintage seller and collector. An alchemist. And a Scorpio through and through. Her baby, Free Feather, was conceived under a psychedelic sky on a balmy desert night at a music festival in 2010.

When it comes to jewelry design, Em believes the bolder and bigger the better. She believes in the power of adornment. Her jewelry is made with intention to guide and protect. She loves hand selecting all the stones, chains and dainty details that are incorporated into her designs. Inspired by magic, nature and alchemy. Free Feather is made for the ones who believe in magic and wish to stay free. <3